We believe in harnessing the free market for good.


The market is littered with companies who are dying on the inside.  These companies consistently post quarterly growth but at what expense?  Profit is essential for running a company, but it is not the lifeblood of the organization – people are.  

Team members are more than a job description. They have gifts that most organizations don’t appreciate. An organization that is full of unengaged people is dying.


At BraveWave, we inject life into business.  It starts with purpose and a longer-term focus that seeks multiple forms of capital (economic, social, environmental, spiritual, etc.).  Next come people.  People-centric organizations are full of life because they celebrate the unique design of every member of the team. Values guide the behavior of the team internally and externally.  Lastly, a holistic approach encourages the organization to serve its stakeholders.


founder & Chief Service Officer

Joel Montgomery has been rethinking business for more than 10 years.  His quest for integrating the power of business with social impact has taken him across the globe to over 50 countries.  He’s worked with Fortune 100 companies in Mexico, social enterprises in Honduras, impact investors in Pakistan and high-impact entrepreneurs in Europe.  

Joel has an MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management and a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Yale University.  He lives just outside New York City with his wife, Elaine, and daughter, Sofia Grace. They attend Primeira Igreja Batista, a Brazilian church in Elizabeth, New Jersey.